The Department of Materials Stores is located on the ground floor of the Hume Rothery Building. The Stores is a shop for the general convenience of the department and stocks a broad range of general goods from stationery to lab ware.

Contact Storesman Ian Sutton on 01865 273691

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday 8am until 1:30pm
Friday 8am until 12:00pm

If you have been notified to collect a parcel and are unable to come until after lunch time please ask at reception.

How to use Stores

Below is a link to the stores catalogue, which lists everything we currently stock along with unit of measure and a picture (for illustrative purposes only).

If you would like to order items from the stores, below is a link to the Stores Requisition Form. Simply copy and paste the items from the catalogue onto the excel form or alternatively print one off and fill in long hand the Part Number and Description of the goods you want with a quantity required.

If you require Ethanol, you must complete in full the Alcohol Requisition Form (link below) including the purpose of usage, as this is a legal requirement. Complete this form separately from any other goods required on the normal Stores Requisition Form.

As the Stores is a shop, goods will need to be paid for using a Cost Centre Code. This is either provided by your supervisor or granted to you via the accounting team. Put this, along with your signature and a legibly printed version of your name, at the bottom of the Stores Requisition Form (If ordering Gas Cylinders, the building and room location the cylinder will be stored in must be added to the form).

Please bear in mind that some supervisors and Cost Code owners require you to have the form countered signed by them before submission to stores. (Please note, I do not hold records of cost code numbers for obvious security reasons)

Once you have completed the stores requisition form come down to the stores with your form and I shall pick the goods for you. A little common sense goes along way, so if you only require a small amount of goods, ask around your group to see if anyone requires any items to add to the list.

Goods Received

All purchase ordered items, parcels and orders are received in the main stores. You will be contacted on receipt of goods to be collected either by E-mail or phone.