Institute of Industrial Materials and Manufacturing

About the IIMM



Photo of NanoSIMS

Materials selection and design strategies have traditionally been based on incremental improvements to well-established procesing routes and alloy formulations. The development of sophisticated engineering methods and advances in manufacturing technology and materials synthesis now permit a different approach, with materials being tailor-made and nano-engineered for specific applications. As part of its commitment to world-class research into novel materials, processing techniques and technologies, the Materials Department established the Institute of Industrial Materials and Manufacturing (IIMM), at Begbroke in 1998.

The IIMM provides:

  • World-leading Microscopy and Microanalysis facilities
  • Advanced materials processing
  • New cleanroom facilities for prototyping and proof-of-principle studies
  • Characterisation service and facilities
  • Archaeological and archaeo-metallurgical research team

The IIMM activities include:

  • Short-term and long-term research projects with industry and university partners
  • Consultancy services
  • Industry-linked research and development
  • Studentships, secondments and fellowships
  • Schools outreach and work experience programmes



Photo of Osprey unit

The IIMM builds on the strengths of Oxford University's Materials Department and provides unrivalled accessibility to world class expertise in processing and characterisation. The core of the new facilities within the IIMM were funded by EPSRC Joint Infrastructure Fund grant, and include:

  • Osprey spray forming unit
  • DC casting facilities for Al billet
  • State of the art aberration corrected TEM
  • The UK's first NanoSims facility
  • A pilot plant-scale web coater
  • A new Catalytic Atom Probe
  • A 150m2 cleanroom