Information and Resources for Schools and Colleges

Our schools liaison access and outreach team aims are:


Outreach School Visit

(a) To raise public awareness of Materials Science as a scientific discipline.

(b) To make available all of the information students may require when contemplating applying to study Materials Science at Oxford.
(c) To make available teaching and learning resources that can be used by schools and colleges in the 14-19 education sector to increase the appreciation and enjoyment of the fascinating developments in Materials Science.


The Department of Materials Science has a very active access and outreach team. Each year there are numerous events and activities for a range of students including Taster days, Masterclasses and Workshops, School Visits, Residential Courses and our Making Materials Matter Teachers Conference.

Information and Resources

Our access and outreach team have developed a selection of teaching and learning resources to introduce school students to key topics in Materials Science. These resources are currently being revised prior to publication on the website. Please  contact the Access and Outreach officer for more details.

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If you are thinking about studying Materials Science remember to look through our Admissions webpages and read our course brochure 'Studying Materials Science at Oxford University'which contains all the information we think you will need.

Students applying for Materials Science courses at Oxford are required to take the Physics Aptitude Test (PAT). For further details on this, please see the University Admissions website


The new cohort of Materials Undergraduates at Induction in October 2019

materials induction 2019 ug freshers jayne shaw