Lending Services

How to borrow and renew

The library operates a self-issue system, which means that readers check out their own books. In order to use the system, readers must first register with the Librarian. The self-issue computer is located in the entrance of the library. Scan the barcode on your University card and then the barcode on the first page of the book. Loans may be renewed either by checking them out again or by contacting the librarian by phone or e-mail.

Senior Academic Staff

three months

Research Fellows, Visitors, Post-docs

six weeks

Graduates/4th year students

four weeks


two weeks

Readers from other departments

one week

Reference books marked with a yellow tape cannot be borrowed. The undergraduate reference books in the office may be taken out overnight and returned the following morning.

How to return loans

Return items should be put in the book box to the left of the entrance or given to the librarian. Please, do not shelve your books yourself, as they have to be checked in first.


Reservations may be placed via any OLIS terminal. However, as there are no recall notices attached to these reservations, it may take a long time before your reservation is satisfied.  It is therefore better to place reservations with the Librarian who will then send out a recall notice.