Timetables and Room Bookings

The Department of Materials uses the Meeting Room Booking System software for room bookings.
(access restricted to Oxford network - try VPN)

Users wanting to book a room are directed to the Booking Rules. Most bookings should be made via Reception, although seniorstaff have usernames and passwords for making bookings directly. Any queries should be directed to itsupport@materials.ox.ac.uk .

The facilities available in each room, seating capacities and access limitations are in  Rooms and Equipment.

Private room

The department provides a private room in 21 Banbury Road (room 20.10 at top of main stairs) available to those in the department who need to take a difficult phone call, deal with a minor self-administered medical condition, or just need ten minutes refuge from a busy office/lab.  The room is included in the booking system so that it can be booked ahead of time (e.g. scheduled phonecall).  Bookings are anonymous as shown at BR Privateroom

Additional on-line booking systems