electron Physical Science Imaging Centre (ePSIC)

The electron Physical Science Imaging Centre (ePSIC) is a national facility for aberration corrected electron microscopy. ePSIC was established as a collaboration between the University of Oxford, Diamond Light Source and Johnson Matthey. We provide access to state of the art transmission electron microscopes with expert support in the planning, running and analysis of experiments provided by our staff scientists.

Two instruments are available:

  • E01: a JEOL ARM200CF optimised for atomic resolution spectroscopy
  • E02: a JEOL ARM300CF optimised for high resolution imaging

Detailed information regarding the instrument capabilities can be found here

Access to ePSIC is through a peer reviewed application process which is open to UK, EU and international scientists. There are two main calls for proposals each year.  The deadline for these calls is 1700hrs on the first Wednesday in April and October. ePSIC also accepts Rapid Access application proposals which can be submitted at any time. For more details see the ePSIC guidance on how to apply for beamtime. Enquiries regarding commercial use of the instruments should be directed to Dr Christopher Allen (christopher.allen@materials.ox.ac.uk)


University of Oxford academics who have grant funding for microscope access can bypass the peer review process and guarantee microscope time. Please contact Dr. Christopher Allen (christopher.allen@materials.ox.ac.uk) for more details. 

Contact ePSIC

Principal Electron Microscopist

Chris Allen
Email: christopher.allen@materials.ox.ac.uk
Tel: +44 (0)1235 777437