Alumni Matters - Alumni Committee

The Alumni Committee meets twice per year to discuss with Department staff how we can help with the work & Mission of the Department. If you feel that you can contribute either to individual items or to the general work of the Committee then please contact Dr Paul D Warren, Committee Chair, on or Miki Bennett  on


Professor H. E. Assender, Head of Department (Department of Materials, Oxford)

Mr B. Armstrong (Development Office)

Dr E. Boswell, Proctor & Gamble

Dr E. Clarke, Rolls Royce

Mr A. Geddes, Metal Agencies UK Ltd / Viohalco Group Greece

Dr A. Matthew

Dr K.L. Moore, Photon Science Institute, University of Manchester

Mr A. Nugee, CEO and Founder, Imagineer Ltd

Dr K.A.Q. O’Reilly, Department of Materials

Mx Helena Cotterill, Outreach Manager, Department of Materials

Mrs A.H.L. Smith, Analytics Modeller, S.A.A. UK & Ireland

Mr S. Stokes

Mrs F. Haswell-Martin, Head of Administration and Finance, Department of Materials

Dr A.O.Taylor, Director of Studies, Department of Materials

Dr P. D. Warren (Chair)

Dr P.J. Warren, Department of Materials

Dr Hans-Jörn Weddige, thyssenkrupp AG


Updated August 2023