IT Committee

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Contact Information

  • Enquiries should initially be directed to the committee secretary Dr Paul Warren.
  • The Department of Materials uses maillists to contact all members of the committee. The maillist for this committee is For a full description of the maillist and how to use it please read the further information about maillists

Information Technology Committee : Terms of Reference


  • Paul Warren  (Department IT Manager)
  • Fernanda Haswel-Martin (Department Head of Administration and Finance)
  • Andrew Lui (Research analyst and OMCS quality control manager)
  • up to 2 co-opted members (co-opted biennially)

Meeting schedule

  • The committee shall meet four times each year out of term time 
    • September (-4th week MT, review prior to new academic year)
    • Early January (-1st week HT)
    • April (-1st week TT)
    • June (10th week TT, setting priorities for Summer)

Functions of the Committee

The functions of a departmental committee shall be to advise the head of the department on all matters affecting the department, in particular:

  • to advise the Head of Department on all IT matters affecting the department;
  • to propose, review and develop the department’s IT strategic implementations in the light of changing technology and other external factors
  • to propose, review and develop the department’s IT policies and procedures to make effective use of the IT resources within the Department;
  • to agree on and implement the most effective mechanisms for supplying the IT facilities and infrastructure to support the teaching and research goals of the department, within the budget provided for the purpose;
  • to monitor and prioritise IT projects seeking their timely and efficient implementation
  • to monitor compliance with external regulations, including the university Information Security policy governance framework.
  • to monitor and evaluate IT risks, including business continuity planning
  • to monitor relevant university committees and provide representation where required
  • to report to and seek input from Departmental Committee

Minutes of meetings

Minutes prior to 2020 have been removed. Please contact Paul Warren if you have any queries, or wish to minutes from 2020 onwards.