The Department of Materials operates a weekly internal Newsletter, which is issued each Friday afternoon to all members of the department.  Editions are not issued during Univeristy shutdowns, the month of August nor during the main editor's annual leave.


Originally produced as a pdf and stored in Weblearn, archive copies up to and including 20 March 2020 are avaialble via Single Sign On to weblearn.  They are stored in the 'Materials' site under 'Resources' then 'Newsletter'.


Since 27 March 2020, the Newsletter has been issued using an HTML product, and we are planning on saving back copies into SharePoint.


The purpose of the Newsletter is to bring together the many snippits of information about forthcoming events and general operational announcments and funding or training opportunities relevant to all members of department, and to reinforce the friendly internal community the department encourages, such as the Materials Book Club, which all members of the department are welcome to join.


A potential benefit of the Newsletter is the reduction of the number of separate email messages issued to the notices@materials maillist.  If you find yourself about to send a message to notices@materials, please consider whether it would be just as effective to email the Newsletter editor Lorraine Laird. Contributions are requested by midday on Thursdays for inclusion in that week's edition.