Spinout Companies

Below lists a selection of spinout companies have emerged from the research activities of the Department of Materials.

Spinout Kindbrisk

Developing the three dimensional atom probe

Kindbrisk->Oxford nanoScience->Polaron->Imago->Cameca http://www.cameca.com/instruments-for-research/atom-probe.aspx

In 1997 the company received the Prince of Wales award for Innovation.

PDF Impact Case Study from REF2014

Spinout Oxmet Blades

Alloys by Design

OxMet http://www.oxmet-technologies.com

OxMet has an established portfolio of IP encompassing alloy design methods, proprietary software and optimised alloys. It is targeting a broad range of market sectors including: aerospace, automotive, defence, medical-devices, energy and consumer goods.  https://innovation.ox.ac.uk/portfolio/companies-formed/

Microprocessor Illustration

Developing quantum computing architectures compatible with standard silicon processing

Founded in 2017, Quantum Motion is developing silicon spin-based qubit architectures which are compatible with standard CMOS fabrication and so provide easier scaling to thousands and millions of qubits.