Spinout Companies

Below lists a selection of spinout companies have emerged from the research activities of the Department of Materials.

Spinout Kindbrisk

Developing the three dimensional atom probe

Kindbrisk->Oxford nanoScience->Polaron->Imago->Cameca http://www.cameca.com/instruments-for-research/atom-probe.aspx

In 1997 the company received the Prince of Wales award for Innovation.

PDF Impact Case Study from REF2014

Spinout Bodle

Advanced optoelectronic solutions for revolutionary displays and smart windows.

Bodle Technologies http://bodletechnologies.com/

Dr Peiman Hosseni was selected for RAEng entrepreneur training in 2015.


spinout oxtex

Intelligent Tissue Expanders to Revolutionise Surgery

Oxtex http://www.oxtex.com

Prof Czernuszka and consultant surgeon Marc Swan received the Alpha Innovator of the year award in 2016.


Spinout Designercarbon

Manufacturing designer spherical nanomaterials

Designer Carbon Materials http://www.designercarbon.com/


Spinout Oxmet Blades

Alloys by Design

OxMet http://www.oxmet-technologies.com

OxMet has an established portfolio of IP encompassing alloy design methods, proprietary software and optimised alloys. It is targeting a broad range of market sectors including: aerospace, automotive, defence, medical-devices, energy and consumer goods.  https://innovation.ox.ac.uk/portfolio/companies-formed/

Spinout Oxfordhighq 2017a

Next generation chemical and nanoparticle sensors

OxfordHighQ http://www.oxfordhighq.com/

Oxford HighQ is a pre-spinout from the University of Oxford’s Departments of Materials and Chemistry. The company has been awarded £900k of InnovateUK funding and is scheduled to incorporate in September 2017.

Microprocessor Illustration

Developing quantum computing architectures compatible with standard silicon processing

Founded in 2017, Quantum Motion is developing silicon spin-based qubit architectures which are compatible with standard CMOS fabrication and so provide easier scaling to thousands and millions of qubits.