Tutors' Committee

In addition to the information below there is a full list of members of the Faculty of Materials and a full list of members of department.

College Tutors

Professor Peter Nellist Corpus Christi College
Professor David Armstrong Corpus Christi College
Professor Jason Smith Mansfield College
Professor Marina Galano Mansfield College
Professor Keyna O'Reilly The Queen's College
Professor Rob Weatherup The Queen's College
Professor Chris Grovenor St Anne's College
Professor Richard Todd St Catherine's College
Professor Susie Speller St Catherine's College
Professor Mauro Pasta St Edmund Hall
Professor Jonathan Yates St Edmund Hall
Professor Jan Czernuszka Trinity College
Professor Michael Moody Trinity College

Minutes of Meetings

Minutes of the more recent meetings of Tutors' Committee are available on WebLearn. They are published here after being confirmed by the Committee as a true record.

These minutes are only accessible to members of the Committee, and are stored on the SharePoint site.


Resources for Teaching Staff

Currently no resources listed because no-one has suggested any content. Please could teaching staff send content suggestions to the webmaster@materials.