Flexible Working

flexible working patterns

Flexible working patterns

Flexible working can include a wide variety of working practices. Examples of flexible working patterns include part-time working, compressed hours (for example, working full weekly hours over four rather than five days) and working from home ("teleworking").

Staff who wish to request flexible working are advised to discuss it with their line manager in the first instance. The next step is to complete a Flexible working application form and send it to the HR Manager (hr@materials.ox.ac.uk), who is also happy to discuss any aspect of your application.

There is also provision for flexible retirement within the department. Flexible retirement is a scheme which allows employees, with departmental approval, to reduce their work and give up part of their salary in exchange for part payment of their pension. Active members of USS or OSPS aged 55 or over with at least two years of qualifying service in the scheme may apply for flexible retirement.

Benefits of flexible retirement can include an improved work-life balance or freeing up time for caring or other responsibilities, without taking the full financial penalty that can come with going part-time or leaving work altogether. If you are considering applying for flexible retirement please contact the HR Manager (hr@materials.ox.ac.uk).

Examples of staff who have used flexible working include Hazel Assender, Rebecca Nicholls, Sergio Lozano-Perez, and Peter Nellist to name just a few.