Department Buildings and Maps

Maps are contained in the PDF printable 2-page visitor leaflet specifically for visitors to the Department of Materials

The Department of Materials is spread between 6 main buildings within the University Science Area in the centre of Oxford and further research facilities outside Oxford at the Oxford University Begbroke Science Park.

The university map website shows the location of the various Department of Materials buildings.

Oxpoints Map

Oxpoints Map

Central site buildings

  • HR : Hume-Rothery Building (uedcode:179)
  • HB : Holder Building (uedcode:154)
  • ETB: Engineering Technology Building (uedcode:276)
  • BR : 21 Banbury Road (uedcode:110)
  • PR : 12/13 Parks Road (uedcode:195)
  • RR : Rex Richards Building (uedcode:271)

Begbroke site buildings

  • BB : Hirsch Building (uedcode:317)
  • BB : Annex (uedcode:318)
  • BB : Highbay (uedcode:319)
  • BB : Christian Building (uedcode:321)
  • BB : Institute of Advanced Technology (uedcode:352)
  • BB : Applied Processing Laboratory (uedcode:353)