Equality Diversity & Inclusion Committee (EDIC)

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Contact Information

Enquiries should initially be directed to the committee's Chair, Angus J Wilkinson

Equality Diversity & Inclusion Committee : Terms of Reference


  1. Ex Officio Members
    1. The Head of Department
    2. The Head of Administration and Finance
    3. The Head of Department's Executive Assistant (for departmental communications purposes)     
    3. The Human Resources Manager     
  2. Members 
  • At least four additional staff members of the Department of Materials, including representatives of:
    • faculty
    • academic related staff (including post-doctoral researchers)
    • technical and professional support staff
  • At least two additional members from the student body, providing representatives from
    • undergraduate students (nominated by JCCU)
    • post graduate research students (nominated by JCCG).

Functions of the Committee

  • To promote equality and diversity within the Department of Materials on grounds of gender, ethnicity, disability, sexuality, religion and age.
  • To promote and support work/life balance for all members of staff within the department.
  • To monitor and report on:
    • Flexible working arrangements
    • Ratios of applicants and successes, where appropriate, under equality criteria for undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral and staff opportunities
    • To monitor career support and mentoring for staff in the department
    • To inform the department generally of the work of the committee and any initiatives within this area.
  • To report regularly to the Departmental Committee and other departmental bodies as appropriate.

Schedule of Meetings

  • The committee will meet at least once per term.
  • Meetings will normally be on Tuesday of week 5, though will typically move one week earlier when a clash with school half-term occurs.
  • Meetings will normally run from 9:30 to 11:00 am.
  • Meetings will be offered in hybrid mode combining in-person and remote attendance via Teams/Zoom.

Minutes of Meetings

  • From Michaelmas Term 2022 agenda and minutes are available via SharePoint (here is the link).
  • Minutes will be forwarded for review at Departmental Committee.
  • A short report may also be made to Faculty when significant items should be flagged there.

For more information about equality diversity and inclusion see the department's Equality Diversity & Inclusion webpage which is maintained by this committee.