cleanroom perspective small

Photo of Inside of Cleanroom

The Begbroke Cleanroom came into operation in 2002 and provides 150 mof cleanroom space, class 10,000, housing a suite of newly purchased processing equipment. For details of the equipment see our interactive map. The facility has been cleverly designed to fit into the existing Christian Building. The air recirculating plant is located above the facility in the roof space; a not insignificant achievement on the part of the main constructors. Cooling for both the facility and the equipment located within is achieved by a chilled water plant with 80 kW capability located in the outside courtyard. The cleanroom monitoring and control has been provided by Seachange using SmartKontrols that provide an intelligent network. This system can be viewed and controlled using this building management system via a graphics package, ‘Seachange Doorway’, on a local pc computer.

There are office facilities for users located next to the cleanroom with a networked computer for e-mail, electronic resources, etc. which also acts as a cleanroom library housing, for reference only, the manuals for the equipment.

For more details about the Begbroke Cleanroom please contact Radka Chakalova.