Mauro Pasta

Selected Publications

  • Outlook on K-Ion Batteries

  • Paving the Way toward Highly Efficient, High-Energy Potassium-Ion Batteries with Ionic Liquid Electrolytes

  • 2020 roadmap on solid-state batteries

  • Filling vacancies in a Prussian blue analogue using mechanochemical post-synthetic modification.

  • Understanding the conversion mechanism and performance of monodisperse FeF2 nanocrystal cathodes.

  • Quantifying the Search for Solid Li-Ion Electrolyte Materials by Anion: A Data-Driven Perspective

  • Observation of Interfacial Degradation of Li6PS5Cl against Lithium Metal and LiCoO2 via In Situ Electrochemical Raman Microscopy

  • Increasing the electrochemical activity of basal plane sites in porous 3D edge rich MoS2 thin films for the hydrogen evolution reaction

  • Charge-Free Mixing Entropy Battery Enabled by Low-Cost Electrode Materials.

  • Effect of the Particle-Size Distribution on the Electrochemical Performance of a Red Phosphorus-Carbon Composite Anode for Sodium-Ion Batteries