Information Technology and the Department of Materials

Complete newcomers should see for introductory information. Especially note that you are unable to register to use Oxford University IT Services and Facilities until you have obtained a University Card which can be obtained from your college if you are a student or from the Department Administrator if you are not a student.

The Department of Materials website has an A-Z Guide about IT in the Department of Materials which summarizes the computer and IT Facilities in the Department in accordance with the Department IT Strategy and the Department IT Support Policy.

Induction: Guidance upon departmental IT services and procedures is given in the annual induction presentations for undergrads, postgrads and staff as well as in the department handbook.

IT Services and Departmental Facilities: Many IT functions are provided centrally by IT Services, however there are additional department facilities tailored to the requirements of their own staff and students.

Rules: All members of the Department, including academic visitors, are requested to read and agree to both the University's and the Deparment's Rules for Computer Use.

Electronic Mail: All members of department are required to have and to use their university email account so that they may be contacted via the  department maillists. The university email system operated by IT Services is called Nexus.

Network connection: The Department wired ethernet network links into the univeristy backbone and is part of the national joint academic network (JANET). The department network is the responsibility of the department IT staff who provide instructions and help on connecting to the Department of Materials network. In addition the University runs a wireless network available in many locations around the department and the university. For users working away from Oxford the university provides a secure Virtual Private Network service, often used for accessing on-line journals remotely.

Training: Throughout term-time the university’s IT Learning Programme offers a wide range of training courses available to all members of the university. In addition to the scheduled taught courses most course training materials are available via  ITLP Portfolio for self-paced learning.

Help and advice: Lot of help is on the IT services and Department of Materials websites. Additional help and advice is available from the Department IT staff.