IT Rules and Regulations

All members of Department should have an University email account. As part of the registration process you are required to read and abide by the University IT Rules. This is part of the central repository of Governance strategy and policies.

In addition to the University Rules, all members of Department should read and abide by the following statements :


Individual computers are the responsibility of the nominated administrator (which is usually the primary user or the group leader). The nominated administrator must:

  • keep all software licenses up-to-date
  • keep anti-virus software up-to-date
  • ensure that all data is backed-up and archived
  • ensure that the computer is configured securely i.e. it only offers an absolute minimum of services (file sharing, FTP, etc.) which are protected either by password or by limiting host access.

The network and all connections to it are the responsibility of Department IT staff:

  • users must not tamper with the network cabling or extend the network in anyway without the prior approval of the Department’s IT staff.
  • users must not connect any computer or other device to the network without first consulting the Department’s IT staff, who will assign you with an IP address


Some specific examples of usage which is not condoned by this department are:

  • infringement of software licensing
  • file-sharing of (legal or illegal) music, videos etc.
  • running unecessary services on local computers (e.g. chat servers)
  • downloading of large files from the internet without due consideration of the indirect cost (e.g. 2p/Mb transatlantic)

Procedure in the event of IT misuse by research students

At Induction, Probationary Research Students in Materials are warned during a briefing by the IT Manager or his Deputy of the need to familiarise themselves with the University ICTC Regulations.

1st Offence Referral to the DGS following investigation by the Dept IT Manager. If the offence is confirmed a written warning will be issued by the DGS. This will be placed on file and copied to the Supervisor(s) (it will include a reminder of the consequences of a 2nd offence). Also the Departments IT Manager will present to the offender a detailed verbal reminder of the University ICTC Regulations. In addition the Department reserves the right to (i) require surrender to the Departments IT staff of the offending PC (for the removal of prohibited software), (ii) to require the student to pay any administration charge imposed by IT Services in relation to the offence, and (iii) in the case of infringements judged to be more serious to report the matter for action by the Proctors and to withdraw access to IT facilities pending a Proctorial investigation.

2nd Offence Referral to the Proctors. Pending an investigation, access to ITfacilities may be withdrawn or made subject to such conditions as the Proctors shall think proper in the circumstances. In addition the Department reserves the right to require the student to pay any administration charge imposed by IT Services in relation to the offence.