The Department Support Policy provides an overview of the Department's IT facilities.

Rooms can be booked via Reception (tel:73777/73680), however Senior Staff and Administrative staff can book on-line via https://materialsoutreach.web.ox.ac.uk/local/timetables-and-room-bookings.html.

  • Hume-Rothery Lecture theatre: 2 dataprojectors; 2 computers; smartboard, visualizer
  • 21 Banbury Road Lecture theatre:2 dataprojectors; 1 computer; sympodium; visualizer
  • [ Engineering IEB  LectureRoom 8:  2 dataprojector; 1 computer; network using Eduroam]
  • ETB committee room: 2 dataprojectors; 1 computer; smartboard; visualizer
  • BR committee room: 1 dataprojector; 1 computer; sympodium; visualizer
  • HR meeting room: 50" plasma display; 1 computer; Webcam; Polycom Communicator
  • PR meeting room: 1 dataprojector; 1 computer; videoconferencing
  • RR meeting room: 1 dataprojector; plus separate computer with webcam and Polycom Communicator
  • BB Yarnton meeting room: 1 dataprojector; 1 computer

When assessing the quality of the projection image (e.g. brightness,contrast,focus) it is useful to have a  PPT powerpoint file containing a variety of images

Skype with a webcam is a cheap and easy way of making a video conference call. Alternatively, OUCS provides more information about video conferencing.

The Hume-Rothery Meeting room is equipped for Skype internet calls with Video using a Polycom Communicator which gives improved audio quality, particularly suited for Skype meetings with several local participants, and a Logitech Sphere webcam with Quickcam control software for zoom/tilt/pan/tracking.  (A Polycom Communicator plus Logitech Sphere webcam  is also available in the Rex Richards meeting room.)

The QIPIRC have a more advanced video conferencing facility (Polycom VSX7000) with the ability for upto six participating site plus data. The QIPIRC secretary controls access (tel: 83336).

The departmental "loan laptop" available from IT staff has a usb webcam and headphone suitable for one-to-one Skype.

Other video conference suites are available around Oxford are listed within the OUCS guidance for videoconferencing.

The IT support area (ETB room 10.14) has a open-access printroom for use by all members of Department when group printing facilities are insufficient.

The printroom is open 9-5pm plus after-hours swipecard access available upon request to IT staff.

  • 2 pc computers
  • 1 A4 flatbed scanner (documents and film negatives)
  • 1 A4 document scanner (doublesided, autofeed, 30 pages per minute)
  • 1 mono laserprinter (doubleside)
  • 1 colour laserprinter (capable of A3 and doublesided)

A computer room with 16 desktops is provided as part of the Teaching Laboratory in support of the department's core teaching activities. Technical support is mainly the responsibility of IT support staff, however the Teaching Lab Technician can provide limited user support. Any member of department with a departmental account can use the teaching laboratory however the network is primarily for undergraduate students. Graduate students and research staff are expected to have access to computing facilities within their own Research Groups.

The Department has a central Materials Modelling Laboratory. This facility is funded as a research group (not from central funds), however the computing facilities are available to all members of department. IT support is provided by the Senior IT officer (35%time). See the MML website for more information on how to make use of the Department high-level computing facilities. http://mml.materials.ox.ac.uk