The Department of Materials has a 3 (+2) seat floating network license for COMSOL multiphysics

Maintained floating licenses (5.5a as of 2020-05-05): 

  • COMSOL Multiphysics x 3  (+2 specifically for PSG group)
  • AC/DC Module x 2
  • CFD Module x 1
  • Heat Transfer Module x 1
  • LiveLink for MATLAB Module x 1
  • RF Module x 1
  • Wave Optics Module x 1
  • Batteries & Fuel Cells  x 1   (+2 specifically for PSG group)

[Also CPU-locked license in Roger Reed Group : COMSOL+StructuralMechanics+NonlinearStructuralMaterials+Livelink   (March2018)]

The annual maintenance costs and the purchase costs of the modules are paid by the users - currently the research groups of :

  • Patrick Grant (COMSOL,RF, +COMSOLx2, +Batteriesx2)
  • Mauro Pasta (COMSOL, Batteries)

Researchers from other groups within Materials (and sometimes other departments) are welcome to ask for access to COMSOL in order to investigate capabilities. If usage levels increase to frequent sustained usage then you may be asked to contribute towards the annual maintenance costs each February.

Obtaining software

Please contact IT staff if you wish to start using Comsol stating your name, research group and computer hostname.

Because licenses are shared, your may encounter a "licence unavailable" error if licenses are all in use.
Please  check who is using the comsol licenses and contact the other users directly or email IT staff.