Oxford University IT Services manages a wide range of software university-wide site licenses. Please check the full list of site-licensed-software for details about the product you are interested in. Each software licensing agreement has its own specific details restricting use and availability.

  • Some software can be downloaded free from Self-Registration or from OnTheHub.
  • Some software can be purchased from the IT Services on-line shop.
  • Some specialist software site licenses are managed by Departments. See lists below and software list on ITSS wiki.
  • Most software can be self-deployed via the Software Center  which is available on all departmental desktops and laptops. Software can also be remotely deployed onto Departmental computers by IT staff upon request via email to specifying your email address and phone number plus the hostname and IP address of the computer.

Please check if IT staff have the media before buying/ordering the licence from the IT Services shop. Software to be installed on Department owned machines should generally be purchased with a department  requisition form, following the Department guidelines for purchasing, whereupon the finance office automatically add the SoftwareCardID to the purchase order. 

General software

Specialist software

The following is a non-inclusive list of scientific software used in this Department. Contact itsupport@materials for more information.

Software Description Licensing OS Availability Media Charging
ABAQUS Finite element modelling software Annual contribution to Abaqus license pool via Engineering. Windows
Available on TJM and AJW group workstations under windows. Contact IT support. Annual contribution (Paid by TJM/AJW/DEJA)
CasaXPS Analysis of spectral and imaging data. XPS, Auger, ToF SIMS, dynamic SIMS and many more. Site license. Windows Installed on XPS control computers but can be install on other computers too. Download CasaXPS. License code available from or or IT support Free (Paid by Chemistry)
CASTEP density functional theory modelling software Licensed to academia via UKCP consortium. Linux Available in MML Contact IT support or Jonathan Yates Free
ChemBioOffice Full suite of tools for chemistry & biology Site licensed via Chemistry for work and home  Windows
Some desktop/laptops download from chemstry Free (Paid by Chemistry)
COMSOL Multiphysics simulation environment - finite element modelling Shared floating network licenses Windows
Installed on user desktops/laptops. Instructions for COMSOL Annual maintenance (Paid by PSG/HBh/MP)
Crystalmaker, CrystalDiffract and SingleCrystal Crystal structure and crystallography software Site licensed via Chemistry for work and home  Windows
Some desktop/laptops download from chemstry Free (Paid by Chem)
Labview graphical programming for test, measurement and control Annual contribution to site-license operated via Physics Windows
Various group laboratories. Contact IT support Free (Paid by Dept)
Mathematica mathematical modelling software Site licensed centrally Windows
Available on MML linux desktops and many user desktops/laptops. Instructions for Mathematica Free (Paid centrally)
MATLAB Mathematical modelling and data analysis. Site licensed centrally Windows
Available on many desktops and laptops. Instructions for Matlab Free (Paid centrally)
Origin Graphing and data analysis Annual contribution to site-license Windows Available on many desktops and laptops. Instructions for Origin Free (Paid by Dept)
VASP ab-initio quantum-mechanical molecular dynamics modeling Five-user license bought by MML Linux Available in MML. Contact IT support Bought by MML