The following Department of Materials services provided by the photographic unit until December 2007 are now provided by Department of Materials IT staff.

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The following equipment is can be borrowed daily from IT support upon request subject to availability.

  • Laptop and webcam (from IT support)
  • Portable dataprojector (from IT support)
  • Polycom conference phone (from Reception)
  • Poster display boards for meetings or conferences (from IT support) (see section below)

Students and research fellows can ask IT staff for advice about how to prepare posters but are expected to actually create the posters themselves.

A0 poster printing is available from UAS reprographics and from Physics 
(see Physics Poster Printing FAQ).  

In order to avoid paying VAT you should submit the 
UAS reprographics poster form  to the department finance office  who can submit the request via FM Online for
UAS reprographics. (This form is also available on the Documents page under Research Forms and Finance Forms)

All department publicity materials are coordinated by IT staff, and much of it is actually produced in-house. Advice, resource collation and project management support are available. Typical projects undertaken are:

  • business cards (see section below)
  • stationary (see internal documents)
  • publicity flyers
  • invitation cards
  • magazine adverts
  • laminating (A4/A3)
  • ringbinding (A4)

IT staff can provide support for members of Department of Materials involved with planning and hosting of conferences or workshops or meetings. Please talk to IT staff about your requirements at an early stage in the process.

The Department of Materials has a variety of free-standing poster display boards suitable for small meetings and also for larger conferences (when combined with Engineering Science and sometimes Physics).

Colours: 17 blue boards, 19 green boards, 6 brown boards 
Size: Landscape format H:90cm W:116cm (A0 posters are 83cm x 115cm)
Fixings: Velcro spots (hooks) are supplied with the boards.
Setup: maintenance staff can help transport and setup/dismantle boards

For most poster displays you need two boards on-top-of-each-other per poster to get the right height for reading the posters! For maximising the number of posters we recommend using both sides of the boards arranging them zig-zig in the middle of a room, rather than around the side walls of a room. Therefore the number of boards required depends how many posters you have to display and the actual room layout. Materials has 46 boards (19 green,17 blue,6 brown,1 red!). Engineering has 29 boards & 29 empty-frames.

In order to request poster boards please contact IT staff providing information about:1) setup date/time and return date/time; 2) number of boards required (estimate plus a few?); 3) purpose e.g. title of meeting; 4) location of display (building/room) 5) your contact details.

business card template

Business cards can be purchased via the University Print Studio Business Card service.  
[We have stopped our previous departmental service via Vistaprint due to the administrative workload]

Note there is a self-service system for Student Business cards which is only accessible to students.

If you want some Department of Materials branded business cards (see example) then you have two options:

1)   Self service direct from the University Print Studio following the OrderHere instructions, noting you will need to apply for an Planon login account. The system is designed for anyone in the university to be able to order their own business cards directly. Remember to request the Materials template. Phone the print studio staff if you have any queries. Print Studio is open from Monday–Friday 8–5pm.   T: 01865 270029    E: 

2)   Managed service via Departmental IT staff ordering on your behalf via the Planon using a Departmental cost code.

  • Email  with the following information
  • Card details: information required on card  (see above example)
    [Double-sided information if desired – e.g. secondary language]
  • Template required: Materials template (including OxfordMaterials logo as above) or standard University template
  • Quantity: 100cards@£30; 200cards@£37.50   (Doublesided 100cards@£36 or 200cards@£45)
  • Date required: Usually 3day turnaround if collected or longer for internal post delivery
  • Cost code: departmental cost code as per email request from authorizing person

If you are considering your business card requirements then you should also consider using pre-printed Departmental Headed Notepaper and Stationery available from Materials Reception or printing your own headed notepaper using the Department of Materials Headed Notepaper Templates.